Sunday, May 16, 2010

{Summer Sand Smiles}

While in Nanaimo for our ultrasound we thought we'd run by Toys-R-Us and take a peek at some car seats. While on our way in, a display outside caught my eye and my first though was "It's perfect". Then I looked down and saw the price and and thought "We're buying it". We've wanted to get Denay a sandbox since last summer but we're unsure about whether to build one or buy one. We hadn't had any luck finding a good sized, non-junky plastic one. But, alas, the one that caught my eye not only wasn't junky or tacky looking (for being plastic) but it is a perfect size at 3x4ft and was on sale for almost half off!

Annndddd......Denay looooves it.

She won't get in it yet but I have a feeling she, and hopefully her friends, will be spending a lot of time in it this summer!
Yahoo for fabby-ulous deals!


Nat said...

It looks great!! Maybe later on in the week we can stop bye for a visit with the girls. I am sure Abby would love the sandbox too! Ps. Your previous post about Denay made me all teary. It's so great being a mum!

Crystal said...

No doubt on how great it is to find good deals! Addyson spent her first summerish evening this weekend in Kelowna in the sand..I love it!