Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Warriors

This week.
This week has been...busy.
I've been trying, with all the energy I don't seem to have, to absolutely attack my to-do list while we are "enjoying" this October-like weather.
-two coats of primer in the nursery.
-scraping off old paint, sanding, two coats of primer and three coats of paint on Denay's dresser (and yes, I had already painted it, long story).
-organizing, purging closets, photo shoots......
And, our front step.
We've been wanting to refinish our icky looking front step forever and I wanted it d.o.n.e. The product we wanted to use was on sale for 20% off (at Canadian Tire) but when I went to pick it up, I saw a big sign outside of Home Depot saying that they will meet and beat any price by 10%. So long story short, I ended up buying everything we needed for 30% off the regular price. Yay.
:: Before :::: After ::

It was much more of an undertaking than we expected and definitely doesn't look like it does in the commercials, but Trevor worked his magic and gave it a great finish. We're going to spruce it up a little more with a new doormat to rotate with our old one and before this baby comes, we also plan to paint the walkway and carport in a matching tone. Also still on the list is prepping and re-staining the deck, painting the nursery and then decorating it, and the never-ending task of trying to make room for this new one in the house.

So maybe there is a small up-side to this lack of sunny weather......the ol' saying goes, make hay while the, umm, rain pours?


Joanne said...

By the way....great job on the step!

Joanne said...

Ha! That's just what I was thinking....try to get things done that I don't want to do once the sun starts to shine. Or fly to Maui...what to do? LOL