Monday, May 17, 2010


Trevor and I had been talking for a while that maybe Denay was ready to move up to a booster chair from her Phil and Ted's MeToo highchair. I had been researching a lot of seats and was having a hard time coming across one that was not, well, gaudy and childish. I remembered seeing one at Cat and Fiddle in Victoria and found it online and re-fell in love with it.
We drove down to Victoria just to pick it up and the little princess is quite fond of it.
This is the Musty (pronounced moot-sy) GrowUp "seat reducer". Musty is a Dutch company that has been selling their products in North America for a couple years and the only retailer in BC is (thankfully) in Victoria.
We are so pleased with our purchase! Denay calls it her "beeg gurl chair". It's perfect just before the summer as her highchair doesn't clamp to a glass table top. It's nice being able to push her chair all the way under the table and we love the low-profile, discrete and stylish look.
Our not-so-baby-anymore girl is doing just the chair's name; growing up way too fast for this momma.

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