Thursday, June 17, 2010

{the baby bump chronicles: 25 weeks}

Ahh, 25 weeks and feelin' good!
Saw the midwife last week and baby's heartbeat is staying true in the 140's and I'm was measuring about 23cm. She got the report back from the specialist that said what we already knew, baby is healthy and growing well! We also got into a great discussion of the right and wrong ways to adjust a toddler to having a new baby in the house and whether or not to involve Denay in the labour and delivery.
I'm well on the way to having house and home ready for baby to come.....and nice and early too so I'm able to really get out and enjoy the summer as best I can.
And go back in time here, to check out Denay's baby bump at around the same time in my pregnancy with her......

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Crystal said...

wow you are carrying so much lower this time from what my eyes can I am thinking boy too:)
but I am curious as to this "discussion" and what was share!