Wednesday, June 23, 2010

:: New Love ::

Just after Denay was born, we got some fabulous baby lotion given to us from The Body Shop called Buriti Baby. I recently ran out and was on the hunt for some good lotion.....I picked some live clean (baby) from Walmart and I am in love!
It's definitely not as cheap as Johnson & Johnson's (we're not big fans of their baby stuff around here) but it smells so amazing and in two days of using it I've already noticed Denay's skin is softer and more moisturized. It's full of natural botanicals and organic materials and is free of lots of the other stuff that's in cheaper lotion.
Holla, Momma's! This stuff is great!


Meg Baxter said...

Awesome! I've looked at this stuff every time I'm there but I'm still working through the few bottles of J&J's that were given to us at baby showers, which I really don't use. So maybe I'll pick up some of this and put the other stuff in reserve.

Shawna said...

nice...I'll have to give it a go!

Candice said...

The baby wash/shampoo is good too. I use it on all three of my boys, even as shampoo (and Rhys has long hair). It smells good and I love it because I know it's good for them :)

Crystal said...

Right before I had addy my girlfriend had done some research on baby products and found out how bad J and J was for babies, so i have been using good stuff ever since! I am using burts bee's right now and love it! its worthy every penny to give these babes the best!