Tuesday, June 1, 2010

:: May Long Weekend 2010 | Qualicum Beach ::

We had a wonderful weekend away in our home on wheels with my parents in lovely and quaint Qualicum Beach. Last year we were in Tofino and this year we wanted to stick a little closer to home. The weather was slightly less than favourable but we did manage to get outside on Saturday and even saw the sun for a little while.
:: Denay and Opa exploring the beach. This quickly turned into turning over rocks to find crabs ::
:: Not sure if you can tell but Denay has got the leash on Daddy's wrist and is taking him for a walk....with her "buddy" Copper by her side ::
:: Having a very sticky "mahlow" experience ::
:: Ice cream on the beach :: :: Great shot my momma took ::
:: On the beach in the sun. Off came the shoes and socks and away she went ::
:: Baby feet! ::
:: This girl couldn't care less how cold the weather or water was ::
:: Copper always at her side ::
:: Hubby took this one.....she cried when we left ::
:: Building a raft with daddy and Opa on a rainy Sunday ::
:: Cuddling one of Oma's new puppies ::
:: One of my favourite parts of camping.....Quadra pies. These started years ago during a camping trip to Quadra with some family friends. White bread, buttered on one side, spread with pie filling, place in sandwich toaster (see here) and cook over fire until perfectly toasted.....then, eat it!! ::
:: Taking her baby for a stroll while daddy packed the trailer ::
I have to say that my least favourite part of camping is leaving and I can't wait until our trip this summer. I'm also thinking of planning one last one in September before baby comes. A certain little person also seems very keen on another camping trip.
Icky weather aside, a wonderful time was had, and special memories were made.
What did ya'll do for the long weekend?


meredithsledge said...

Great pictures!!! What kind of camera do you have?

Nancy said...

Christy...we surely did have a fabulous weekend....looking forward to many more with our hotels on wheels....love you all