Friday, June 18, 2010

:: Family Day ::

On Saturday we went down to Victoria to take part in some special events. The Navy was celebrating it's Centennial and we went out to Fort Rodd Hill to see a bay full of warships and navy boats from all around the world including the USS Ronald Regan, the largest warship in the world.
:: Hanging out at the lighthouse ::

:: Upper left-navy ships just off shore, Lower left-army helicopter fly-by, Lower right-Snowbird performance, Upper right-parachute demonstration. We also got to experience an F-18 fighter jet fly-by.......I think it almost liquefied my insides! ::
Afterwards we picked up a Subway lunch and drove into downtown Victoria. It was such a beautiful day! We sat on the lawns of the Parliament Building and enjoyed looking out over the inner harbour and soaking in the sunshine. Both Denay and I came home with pretty impressive sunburns!

:: Pictures with mum and dad ::

It was so refreshing to spend a warm summer day relaxing and being together as a family......and I can't wait for this family to grow!

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