Thursday, June 10, 2010

~ Extreme Shopping ~

On Saturday night while hanging out with my SIL, she introduced me to what seems to be the newest craze in shopping - couponing.
I'd heard about it on Facebook but had no idea what it was about but I sure got a crash course.
The long and short of it is "stacking" coupons and using the policy at London Drugs to save a whole bunch of money.
Shawna sat me down and taught me as best she could and then it was off to the store for some hands on learning......

Here's what I got:
-two boxes of 18 count tampons
-a Febreze Flameless Luminary candle
-5 Gillette 3 disposable razors
-one Fusion Proglide razor (with extra cartridge)
-one bottle of Head and Shoulders Conditioner
-Dawn dish soap
-Gillette Satin Care shave gel
-two packs Cascade Action Packs dish wash detergent (30 loads worth)

Total Value: $69.08

Total Spent: $14.60 ($6.78 in tax on total amount)

Total Coupon Savings: $54.48

Yeah, I know.

I walked out with almost $70 worth of brand names products and only paid $14.60 and only $7.82 of that was actual cost; the rest, like I wrote above, was in taxes on the total amount.

It would take far too long for me to write out an explanation of how I was not arrested for theft but I think you can expect to be updated further on my endeavour into coupons......


Shawna said...

YAY You!!! Now here's to many more couponing outings!

PS. I just received your materna ($2) off coupon...I'll drop it in the mail tonight for you!

Nat said...

You must tell me how to do this!! :o)