Monday, August 16, 2010

The Baby Bump Chronicles :: 33 Weeks

Holy. Pregnant. Batman.
:: 33 Weeks - August 13th 2010 - Hague Lake, Cortes Island BC ::
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And this one is a stretcher. Sometimes I genuinely think that this little one's foot (or knee or arm or whatever appendage it might be) is going to bust right through my uterus (sorry for the visual). But nevertheless, still loving it and soaking up every moment of this quickly passing pregnancy.
Feeling great (albeit a lot bigger than I look).......still (very gratefully) swollen ankles free. A deep breath is a thing of the past and I am officially unable to paint my own toenails (a big thanks to my girl Natalie for saying I referred her to my favy pedicure joint and the gift certificate I received as a thank you from said salon) so this gal will be in for some foot lovin' real soon. And to answer the most frequently asked question, I'm doing just dandy in the heat. We've got a window unit air conditioner, we got for a steal a few years ago, cooling it's little heart out upstairs and we're quite comfy.
Going to see the midwife this week and am looking forward to getting a read about what position baby is lying.
Feels like just the other day, it was January and I was dancing around my kitchen with a positive pregnancy test in my hand......

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Crystal said...

you look awesome!! and yes it does seem like your pregnancy has gone by so fast!