Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~ There's A First For Everything ~

** To all my CS Brew Pub friends whom I told last night that I wasn't going to blog about this....I changed my mind :) **
Our punkin has been acting a little strange the past few days. It all came to a head on Sunday night when we checked in on her a couple hours after when went to bed and found she'd soiled through her fourth diaper of the day. So we woke her up to change her and almost immediately she started to vomit heavily and we noticed that there was some feces amongst the vomit.
These parents panicked and right away Trevor called 911. I got Denay cleaned and re-dressed and went downstairs to wait for the paramedics. Almost right after all that "came up", Denay was instantly herself again. She was so excited about the ambulance and waved to the attendants as they came to the house.
After hearing her symptoms they recommended she been seen in the ER to be assessed. So we loaded her seat in the ambulance and off we went. The paramedics were so fantastic. This momma was still a little beside herself and they were quick to put me at ease when the first question they asked on the way to the hospital was "So, why is she so cute?".
We had an x-ray and were in the ER for a couple hours (until about 1:00am) and the doctor really felt it was a GI problem and told us to come back if we noticed the symptoms persisting.
:: Here's Denay and I just after her first x-ray with her "I had an x-ray sticker". This girl was such a trooper, part of the reason the doctor didn't think anything serious was going on, she was so happy and compliant and easy and made everyone she came in contact with, smile ::
She still hadn't been eating hardly at all and I noticed her tummy was pretty distended today so we were back in there for three hours this afternoon. After another x-ray, a blood sample (momma sang "You are my sunshine" and she didn't even flinch and didn't shed a tear), a urine test and lots of waiting later, the doctor (again, commenting on how well and happy she looked) was pleased with the positive changes in her x-ray and the negative test results said to give it sometime and she'll come out of it.


That was our first encounter with Denay being truly sick and being pregnant and fairly hormonal made it much more overwhelming. But Trev and I both have great parents that didn't mind an 11:00pm phone call and we were well supported and covered in prayer.

All this and I also find out my sweet nephew Cole is sick and was in the hospital for tests as well. So we are sending our love and prayers for the little guy as well.

Being a mom sure is overwhelming sometimes.....can I get an "Amen Sista!"?


Shawna said...

oh my! what a sweet little patient you you have!

and yes, here is my Amen Sista!

Meg Baxter said...

I am so sorry to hear of D's scary night! You and Trevor must have been so anxious. I also read of Cole's sickness. I am praying for both your kids. I don't tell many moms this (for fear of the dirty looks), but Heidi has never so much as had a cold (crazy, I know), let a lone a mystery illness, so I hope I am as strong as you ladies when something major hits! Thanks for admitting that it is overwhelming, because I can GUARANTEE I'll be overwhelmed when Heidi comes down with something!

Joanne said...

She is certainly a charmer....so looking forward to seeing her tomorrow! Hope she is feeling her normal self real soon!

Theresa said...

Oh my, I dread the eventual hospital visit for my kiddo - it seems like you can't get away without at least one! Glad to hear the Island Princess is in good shape.

Lisa B. said...

Amen Sist'a!!! Props to you for coming through it just about as well as Miss D did ;-)

Hoping she's well on her to feeling 110%!

Jason and Kristin said...

Poor little girl! You're lucky she's such a trooper - we drive into the hospital/doctors office parking lot and Landon LOSES it! He has had one too many traumatizing experiences in the ER unfortunately.
Praying for a full recovery soon!!!
"Amen Sista!"

Christy said...

To Michelle P, who left a comment scolding me for calling 911: don't know if you have kids and if you do, if you have ever witnessed they them puking up feces, but I pray you never have to. But maybe if you do you'd understand how scary it is and how "life threatening" we felt that it was.
How about you leave it to that parents to decide when it's necessary to call 911 and when it isn't.