Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I confess, I was just too lazy to make up two separate posts for these polar opposite topics.
Midway through our trip, my parents realized that their toaster was only toasting one side of the bread. Now, for a modern toaster, many of which have a bagel option, this might not be so bizarre but when the toaster in question is, uhh, around 20 years old, that means it might just be time to get a new one.
They were going to toss it, and believe me I garnered many strange looks, when I asked if I could keep it. The colors reminded me of my kitchen and I was not only attracted to it's vintage flair but also had some sort of weird nostalgic meaning to it and I couldn't see it just thrown away.
So today I got out the cleaner and my SOS pad and went to wasn't terribly dirty before but now it shines. It shows it's age with many paint chips and I can't decide whether that's part of it's charm or whether I should take it apart and attempt to tape off and spray paint it.
But for now, it sits proudly atop my kitchen cabinets along with some decorative dishes and bowls.
Got a super-duper creative idea for my ancient Silex toaster? Please pass it along!

Books. I. Love. Books.
I didn't read as many books this year as I did last but keeping up with a two-year-old is much more time consuming than a one-year-old. This year I also tried to not just read fiction and brought along three non-fiction books: Labour Day (labour and delivery testimonials), Supernatural Childbirth (a biblical perspective on pregnancy and birth) and Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way (which I didn't get a chance to start).
I did plow through four novels and have half finished two more.......did I already mention I like reading?


Megan said...

Can't wait to hear what you thought of Supernatural Childbirth! Are you coming tonight? It's at my place, since Lori is still fighting off the plague...

meredithsledge said...

I love Dee Henderson!! I read all of those mysteryish ones! There are like seven in the series. So good! =)