Thursday, January 5, 2012

There Are Nuts In My Washing Machine!

It's 2012.
How the last year went by, I have no idea (if you know, please enlighten me).
Every year, with the taking down of the Christmas decor, a sort of fever sets in.
I develop this drive, an uncontrollable urge to organize, re-arrange, sort, purge, scrub, clean and purge some more.
Clothes, toys, food, knick-knacks, bedrooms, closets; nothing is safe. It works well that most major stores cater to my type, and put all of their storage products on sale right around the time of the year I NEED to buy them.
So that's what I've been doing, just one week into the New Year. My To-Do list continues to grow and my spare time to keep up on here dwindles.
But I wanted to take a quick second to share with you an incredible new laundry soap I've discovered though a girlfriend of mine.
They are called Soap Nuts, and it's soap that literally grows on trees! They are organic, hypoallergenic and best and most important of all, antibacterial.
I have tested them out on my stinky cloth diapers and my very stinky (impossible to get clean without bleach) dish cloths, and after just one wash they both came out totally spotless and completely odour free.
I was floored when I took my cloths from the dryer to finally find them CLEAN.
I've bought Cleaner Planet Soap Nuts but if you google "soap nuts" I'm sure you could find a company that sells them wherever you are!
I could go on and on and on......I always have people ask me whether the natural products I use, clean as well as the ones packed with chemicals from the grocery store, and with soap nuts, I can honestly and enthusiastically say yes!
So there's my plug.
Happy Laundry-ing!


Shawna said...

YAY - what fun, I'll have to try them!

Happy Organizing -- i'm off to the organizing store tonight, got the bug to get the house in ship, shop shape ;)

Rebecca said...

thanks for posting! i ordered their little trial size!