Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIN FREE STUFF - {A Giveaway}

Who doesn't love free stuff?
Even more, who doesn't love free stuff that is awesome?
Just want to say a quick welcome to anyone who is here for the first time from Cleaner Planet's Facebook page or Twitter. I hope you enjoy your stay!
Shortly after I wrote this post, gushing about my new found love (soap nuts), I got an email from the lady herself of Cleaner Planet. She thanked me for my write-up, and before you know it, we were planning a giveaway.
I feel so passionate about these berries. Last week I used them to made an all-purpose, antibacterial spray and cleaned my whole house top-to-bottom without using a single chemical. Just my norwex cloths and my soap liquid.
So, since I'm sure no one is exhausted with my constant raving about them, I'm going to talk some more.
Wanna win this batch of soap nuts and a stick of all-natural stain remover? (just say yes, and make me feel good about myself)
All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me about your favourite green cleaning tricks/homemade cleaner recipes OR one way you have/are planning to, make a change and be greener in 2012 (cause green is the new, uh, black?).
Entries will be accepted until Wednesday night at 12:00am, February the first with the winner announced on Friday morning.
The lucky winner will receive a package of Cleaner Planet Soap Nuts (that will do 80-100 loads of laundry) as well as a stick of Buncha Farmers Stain Remover.
And if you happen to win and are a fellow blogger, you'll also need to post your own review of your experience with the product so as to spread the word even further!
Feel free to check out Cleaner Planet's website for tips, FAQ's, reviews and more usage ideas.
Thank you Katie and Marc from bring Soap Nuts into my life!
Let the giving-awaying BEGIN!


susan said...

Yippeee! A give away!! I am intrigued by these soap nuts - they seem um...nuts? No laundry soap? What??? This is just crazy talk! *wink*

I am using more Norwex & less chemicals for cleaning our home - that's my attempt at being more "green" but you know... "it's not easy being green" :-)

Tammy said...

Vinegar and water is great for cleaning glass!

Trying to recycle more and produce less garbage.

Rosanne said...

Oh I would LOVE to win these :) And even if I don't win, then I'm getting some, because it sounds like a great way to do laundry. Plus the smell is awesome! Thanks Christy and Cleaner Planet!

Shawna said...

I'm a huge "norwexer" and a big usere of reusable bags and a HUGE advocate for recycling --- we have 1/2 bin of garbage and 3 bins of recycling..that's the way it should be!

Can't wait to win me some nuts!

Alana said...

Yes please! Yesterday I tried the Dove/Vinegar solution for cleaning my bathrooms. I think I will be using that from now on, in an attempt to make one small change. These soap nuts will bring on change number 2!

Liz said...

Hehe... Iknow I just bought some... but Iam sure they will be used quickly, as Beck and I are green by home sharing this year :) We both use Norwex, and are planning on living off of snow tocut back the plastic food container consumption (J/K). Did you use the All Purpose inyour toilet bowl? If so, how did it work?

Loni said...

Well, I'm a huge Norwex girl, and pretty much have my home chemical free... but in 2012, when we have our second baby, I'm excited especially to begin using Soap Nuts for my cloth diapers!! I recently heard they were THE best thing to use on those little stinkers, so I'll be using them a lot!

Carmelle said...

We recycle as much as we possibly can without throwing it in the trash here too. Our bins overflow each week! I also use Norwex products and love being able to use a water spray bottle with a Norwex cloth for mirrors and windows! so simple.

Jason and Kristin said...

This stuff sounds awesome! I love my Norwex cleaning supplies - I haven't bought cleaning chemicals in almost 2 years now I think. I love my Norwex cleaning paste and cloths, they make life so easy!!! And we try to recycle a lot - So that is how I am trying to stay "green" right now.
Here's hoping that winning is in my future!!

Laura said...

I love me some Norwex... it's all I use to clean my house... laundry is another story, so I'd love to try some nuts:)

Nat said...

I'm loving my re-usable dryer sheets/ essential oils from Chartreuse! Makes clothes smell yummy without the waste of disposable sheets and with a nice non-chemical smell

Cammy said...

Am I too late? I'd love to try soap nuts!!

My green 'cleaning' tip is more of a toiletry green tip: amazing deodorant and antiperspirant - mix cornstarch and baking soda and apply to underarms.

Rebecca said...

cleaning the drains with baking soda and little science experiment. :)

Anonymous said...

Vinegar and water big time! Bought a glass table with two kids under the age of 3... What were we thinking!!!! So that has been a life saver for us...and a pocket saver!
Hope I win some of those nuts :)

Stephenie (Chester) Karsten said...

I saw your first post about soap nuts and immediately ordered myself some online. I am allergic to perfumes and have been using unseated detergents for tears and have clean but musty smelling towels as a result. Since getting my order if soap nuts I have fresh smelling tpeels once again. I love soap nuts, thanks for sharing about them I will never be going back to detergent again!

I have a reusing green tip to share. You know all of those dryer sheets that you throw away. Well I keep mine and use them for cleaning the bathroom. If you add a couple drops of water to a dryer sheet they work great at cleaning the soap scum off the shower glass and bathtub walls.

Please enter me in the draw and if I win I will pass the win I will pay forward my winning onto my dad in Duncan who is very interested in soap nuts too!

Thanks again do sharing christy!

Suzy said...

I am SO excited to try Soap nuts! I've been going "green" for the past 3 years, first starting with what I eat and now moving to what I put on my skin, what I clean with, and (hopefully) how I wash my clothes!! I am working on my "Baking Soda and ACV" hair rinse instead of Shampoo. And finally--I am going green by purchasing clothes at Consignment shops. The Ultimate recycling! ;)

Our little family said...

YAY for soap nuts... I have been hearing about these little wonders, but was finally introduced at MOPS this morning... SO AMAZING!! I am intrigued and would LOVE to win them, after of course I use up what I have! ;) My 'green' trick is from my mother in law. Vinegar, sunlight and water in a spray bottle... it works to clean EVERYTHING! Including- bathrooms, counters, veggies, fruit... whatever you want!

Anonymous said...

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