Tuesday, September 23, 2008

~ Adventures In Baby-Land ~

We've been having LOTS of fun with Denay lately as everyday she grows a little more and we fall more in love with her. We have recently discovered the tub (thanks to Shawna), and Denay loves it. Bath times used to consist of our house being filled with the screams and cries of a very unhappy child. Now, she's in the tub for a good 20 minutes to half an hour, and the house is filled with giggles and coos and gaas........as well as lots of splashing and kicking.
:: Lil Monkey in the tub ::
Since the weather is also starting to turn to FREEZING, we have to bundle baby up a little more on our evening walks. And it was just our luck that I had recently gone through and washed all of the amazing gifts we have received for Denay and found this totally adorable hat........You can't really see but it's got a happy face, pink bow and string "feelers" on top. It's a true shame to cover up such great hair but practicality rules!
:: SO cute ::
Then just today, Denay was in her sling chair watching Baby Einstein (what a God send) but was starting to get bored and fussy. Trev came home from work and after chatting with him for a couple minutes I realized I hadn't heard her in a while, and this is what we found........
She fell right asleep! Go figure......didn't last long but it gave me time to write this post so I'll take it.
On a developmental note, she is really starting to learn her voice more and more will chat up whomever will listen. Sometimes she talks to her toys, or the couch, or her bumper pad in the crib. She's also only feeding every three hours (from the end of the last feed) instead of two hours from the beginning of the last feed which really frees me (and us) up and makes planning and activities much easier. We also discovered, as I said earlier, Baby Einstein and Denay just loves it. She's big on the Baby Bach and Baby Beethoven; nothing but music and bright pictures. It has really freed me up to get much more done in a day and is making the continued adjustment to motherhood that much smoother.
We've got a busy week with the big wedding on Saturday so I will update when I can!


Amanda said...

So glad that you have found a couple of new ways to sooth Denay without having to hold her. PTL!! She is such a dolly! Love the hair but she is still so cute with it covered up!

Jason and Kristin said...

She is so super cute, Christy! I can see both of you, but I have to say she does look a lot like her daddy!
Glad to hear that all is good and that your brother is coming home! Take care!

Chris said...

Wow...she looks like she is growing up so fast!!

Shawna said...

That first shot of her in tub is awesome...three cheers for tear-less tub time!

And the second set of shots with the hat on doesn't even look like her!!! It's crazy how different she looks with all that hair put away ;)

I cannot get over how big she looks in her little chair, I swear she's gotten SO big since I last saw her!

Praise the Lord for new mercies everyday..and the inventor of baby einstien!

Laura said...

Christy she is just so sweet - I love the pictures of her in her hat! So happy :) Keep having fun and enjoying every moment!

Joanne said...

Thanks for the pics, Christy...she is just such a cutie-pie...miss her so!! She is so bright eyed....glad that she is being a bit more independant....even if it's just for 20 minute time slots.
Who woulda thunk that 20 minutes would be so meaningful?!

Dustin and Chelsey said...

hey christy,
just thought I'd let you know, i made my blog private(due to complications with who else, Dustin's mom) so let me know how I can add you to read....Love ya!

Lisa B. said...

Hey girl!
It's so great to hear that Denay is such a joy and that you are learning all the ways to keep her happy. I LOVE B. Einstein too - its was god-send.

The pics are great - looks like she's ready to tell us a story - right through the camera.