Tuesday, September 30, 2008

" It's Awesome...."

It's with much joy, and a huge sigh of relief, that I can report that my older brother Nathan is offically back in Canada from his seven month tour in Afghanistan. He landed back in Shilo in the early morning hours on Saturday and we will get to see him and Brice on Thursday afternoon. My dad phoned me this morning and told me that he and Brice were on Global National news last night. Here is the link to the video page........http://www.canada.com/globaltv/national/video/index.html. Just select "Global National Stories" and click the clip called "Coming Home". They show Nathan and Brice reuniting with a kiss then right after there is a short interview with him.
To say the least I broke down to tears seeing them together and Thursday afternoon can not come soon enough! Can't wait!!


Meg Baxter said...


That interview and clip was so powerful. When I saw your brother, I saw Wayne in a couple of years. I can barely stand to watch this without losing it now and Wayne's only been gone a month! Imagine how bad it'll be once he's been on tour in Sudan or Georgia for 6 or 10! I shudder at the thought, but please pass on my sincerest thanks to Nathan. He is a brave man and I have unending respect for him and his colleagues.


Jason and Kristin said...

That is so awesome! I'm glad he's back! Enjoy seeing your brother again! Love the new blog layout!!

Shawna said...

It was great to see that clip and see him on Canadian soil.

I just heard the surprise as Mom walked in the door - AMAZING!

Welcome home Nathan - Can't wait so see you on Sunday

Joanne said...

Welcome home, Nathan!! We have been praying for your safety, so glad you are home....look forward to seeing you at Denay's dedication!