Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did Gnarls Barkley Write That Song For Me??

I've debated here and there whether or not to post this out of fear I may lose all my blog readers for reasons of insanity.
I kept thinking that it would pass........yeah, not happening.
:: Am I the only person on earth that wakes up in a panic, wondering where the baby is, or thinking the baby is sleeping on their chest or is in bed with you somewhere? ::
Denay slept with us in our bed for the first week and a bit of her life and ever since, almost every night, I wake up thinking I'm nursing her, or cuddling her. The other night I woke Trevor up, shaking him, asking where Denay was, whether she was in the crib.
The really weird thing is I am NOT prone to sleep antics at all.......that's Trevor by far!
So please, someone tell me I'm normal........and that "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley wasn't written with me in mind..........


Jennifer said...

LOL! You're so not crazy!! Maybe just a little tired?
Yesterday at walmart in the U.S. I forgot my 3 yr old in the store. Worst part is I didn't even notice I thought he was in the van with everyone else. Then while I was unloading my 2 carts full of stuff I saw a lady wandering around with him looking for us! Talk about crazy!!!

Shawna said...

Ha Ha Ha --- you poor thing...I know just the remedy to fix your sleeping problems...

Ready for this's a kicker!

...Have another baby, yup it's true, you'll sleep like a baby through the first trimester, then be back to normal for the next two then by the time the baby is born you will be so tired from running after a toddler and taking care of a new born that you will sleep as well as the baby if not better!

Okay, well maybe that's not the best suggestion?!?!?!

Hope this passes soon!

Jason and Kristin said...

I'm sorry - that's too bad! I never had Landon in our bed, so I never woke up wondering that...but I have woken up worried that he's not in his bed or that he's not ok etc. I think you're normal! You're just a mom! And us moms are GOING to worry about our children! Take care!

Theresa said...

My kiddo is almost a YEAR OLD and she only slept with us for the first three months of her life and I still sometimes wake up and freak out because I can't find her. I think that will go away in about maybe... 20 years or so? You're not crazy, just that special kind of cuckoo called "being a mother,"