Monday, September 22, 2008

:: Praise The Lord ::

Just swung by my mom's house this afternoon to drop off some pictures and she showed me this awesome at the far left side of the screen at 00:25 seconds in, that handsome guy who's face you can half see is my brother!
We now know for sure that he will be back on the island next Thursday, the 2nd and we can hardly wait! Thank you again to everyone who has been praying. We truly believe that our prayers have brought him through his tour safely. Please continue to pray for our troops as they return and begin adjusting to normal life and also for the battlegroup now taking over the Afghan mission.


Nancy said...

Oh Christy....can hardly hardly you MOM

Joanne said...

Okay....I cried.....Praise God! Just to see him really on his way home...God is Good!