Friday, February 13, 2009

:: Christy's Critique ::

I've decided to start a new weekly post dedicated to reviewing, well, stuff.......anything really. Cleaning products, household gadgets, beauty and body products, movies, music, you name it!
I know how much I appreciate a first-hand review from a friend before trying something new so I can make a more informed choice and I'm hoping that maybe some of my experiences will mean the same to you!
So here goes........

The Product - Gain Apple Mango Tango Fabric Softener

The Review - LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My washing machine broke down for a day (mid-cycle I might add) a couple weeks ago so I wound up at my mom's to finish my laundry and just for kicks, threw in some fabric softener, something I've never used. While I did not like the smell of it, the clothes did come out feeling softer. So next time I was grocery shopping I spent a good 15 minutes in the detergent section smelling, and then re-smelling, every kind of fabric softener and this was the only one that didn't make me totally nauseous. Next time I did laundry I put some in and wow. It isn't overpowering but just enough for the clothes to smell fresh and it sure makes them soft. And I think it was almost the only kind that wasn't "Mountain Fresh" or "Clean Linen" or "Spring Air" scented, which I thought all smelled gross. There were a couple Almond and Vanilla scented brands but they were almost worst! I did laundry today and hung all my non-dryables on my drying rack and my whole house smelled so very good! I also liked it because I was almost the only brand labelled safe for high efficiency washers, which we have.

The Recommendation - I would totally recommend this product! My clothes feel wonderful and my bath towels weren't even this soft when we bought them. They also have a detergent and dryer sheets in the same scent if you really love the smell! Happy Laundry!

Christy's Critique - Five out of Five Stars


susan said...

Might have to try it, I'm all for laundry smelling lovely & not flowery & perfumey.

Thanks for the review

Laura said...

Thanks Christy! I've used the Gain Apple Mango Tango laundry detergent and agree that it smells SO good! You might have inspired me to get both those next time... :)