Thursday, February 12, 2009

:: Welcome Abigail Grace & Evalette Chloe ::

Trevor and I are truly blessed to be surrounded with an amazing group of friends. It's been an exciting year for us as we have welcomed (and are still expecting) a very large number of babies. The last couple weeks two of the sweetest princesses have come to join us.
:: Abigail Grace ::
- January 21rst 2009, 8lbs 7oz -
:: Mummy and Daddy getting ready for the big moment ::
:: Mum cuddling her new girl ::
This girl makes Denay seem bald when she was born! She's got curly, thick, light blonde hair and is so very sweet. Natalie is making mommyhood seem easy and looks just fantastic! Well done girl.......

:: Evalette Chloe ::
-February 12th 2009 (today!), 8lbs 4oz -
:: This was taken this morning by Becca's sister.........Becca and her midwife Selena, who also delivered my baby girl!
:: Daddy Dan with his two girls ::
I stopped by for a visit this afternoon and Becca and baby are doing great. Bec was such a trooper and is so strong.
I did a little 2008 alone, we know 20 girls who were/still are expecting. Four of the babies are unknown as they will be arriving this summer, three were boys and thirteen are (or we know they are) girls!! After the first few girls I just started guessing boy for all my friends cause I figured someone HAS to have a boy but the girls just keep coming! It's going to be the greatest thing watching our daughters grow up together and become best friends.
K&N and D&B, our deepest congratulations to you! We love you all SO very much!


Crystal said...

Its so true! ITs the year of girls!! i have had a couple different people make comments to me about this. 2 years ago it was all boys and now its pink mania!!

Joanne said...

Congrats to the happy parents! What gorgeous girlies....God is SO good! Look forward to meeting these wee ones on our next trip overseas...give them a cuddle or two for me 'til then.