Sunday, February 1, 2009

:: Water Babies ::

For the past few weeks, once a week, my friends B and R and myself along with our three babies (two girls and a boy) meet at our brand new pool for a swim. I remembered to bring my camera in with me this last week and I wanted to share!
Denay does so well in the water! We've tried a few times to blow on her face and dunk her but she opens her mouth under water and comes up sputtering. We love to get all the kids in the fish floats (large center picture and upper right hand corner) and float around the lazy river all in a row! We tend to draw a crowd of elderly people who think we are the cutest thing.
This child is definitely not going to be afraid of water!


Joanne said...

Look at that wonder you draw a crowd! Love to see the island princess enjoying the water...just makes sense, doesn't it?!

Crystal said...

This is one thing I can't wait to do with my baby! So fun!!