Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday

Many of you may remember this post I made about some goals I set for myself for this year. One of those was becoming more financially aware and responsible. Since then, things have been far from perfect, but I refuse to get discouraged and remind myself daily to take things day by day and never give up.
One habit I've been trying to get into is reading flyers and peeling my eyeballs for coupons and good deals.
One find I made was this website, www.save.ca
They have some awesome coupon deals including a BOGO coupon for Dove Cream Oil bodywash (my favy) worth almost $8 (to get this one go to www.dove.ca and click on the BOGO offer link which will take you to the website).
Just select the coupons you want, click "Get My Coupons" type your address and they are mailed to you. That's it!
I'm slowly learning that every little bit of savings counts and that making the effort may not feel like much but it's all part of good habit formation and the learning process!


On a baby note, our sweet doll continues to get bigger and stronger everyday.

Now, of top of crawling expertly, she can pull herself to standing on almost anything.....she can get down safely from standing by falling flat on her bum without tipping over.......she can go from all fours to sitting up without help......and just as of yesterday, this seven and a half month old is climbing the stairs. Yes, you read correctly. I was at my church choreographing a dance with some ladies for a fundraiser and looked down after a couple seconds and couldn't remember if I had put her on the first step, then I realized I hadn't. I put her back on the floor and, sure enough, up she climbed. I had to scrape by jaw up off the floor. She's had a couple "bonks" here and there but it will only help her learn. She keeps lighting up my life each day. She loves spending time in front of the mirror talking to herself and giving herself kisses too.

Signing out for now......hope ya'll are having a fabby week thus far! Thanks for stopping by!


Shawna said...

Yay for you for clipping coupons, really it feels so good to know that you're doing your part to be financially responsible in everything you do and a good deal, you just can't beat that feeling!

Seriously, could she get any more yummy!?!?! I cannot WAIT to see y'all this weekend!
xo, *S

Joanne said...

Thanks for the Princess up-date...just leaving PS for home...gives us reason to leave the warm sunshine!

The Samy's said...

Hi Christy, Im Elyshia, friend of Shawnas and just wanted to say thanks for the tip on the coupons as well as the website! I will forsure be putting it to use!
As for your sweet princess, she is just adoriable!

Anita said...

Hey Christy, thanks for stopping by our blog! I do keep up with yours too via my Google Reader... sorry I haven't commented lately. I've been spending less time on the computer these days. I was going to say that Liam climbed the stairs at about the same age too and I was totally shocked! It's such a strange sight to see someone SO little climbing up up up! She's SO cute too btw... take care!