Saturday, February 21, 2009

:: Christy's Critique ::

I mentioned this product in my Favourite Things of 2008 post but wanted to mention it again here.
The Product - Febreze Noticables
The Review - If you want a house the constantly smells like it's just been cleaned, this it the product for you. I had tried a couple scents that were terrible but the two I would recommend to give you a fresh, clean smell are Morning Walk/Cleansing Rain and Clothesline Breeze/Meadow Songs.....terrible names, I know, but I've had it on a couple of occasions where people come into my house and ask me if I've just cleaned. The vanilla duo is not bad (everyone kept asking if I'd just been baking) but I find it a little sweet for my taste. The unique thing about these air fresheners, is that they come with two scents that the warmer switches between so you are getting two different smells in one unit. There is also a high and low setting option so it's not a strong in a small room. There are a few downsides being that the smell is quite strong (set on high), which is nice for a big house but if you have a table or sofa anywhere near the unit and are sitting by it, it can be very overpowering and it also does take up an electrical outlet and therefore uses extra power.
The Recommendation - I would definitely recommend this product soley based on the responses I've had from people coming into my house. I really take much pride in keeping a clean, healthy home and this is a big part of my arsenal when it comes to maintain it. We keep ours plugged in in the bathroom downstairs and you would never know there was a littler box in there!
Christy's Critique - Four out of Five Stars


Ashley said...

Ouu... I enjoyed reading your critiques! We have two lovely kitties in our small small appartment, and I have been looking for a little something to keep the air fresh.
We had clients over the other day to present to them our slideshow... right in the middle of the slideshow Jack decided it was the perfect time for a litter box break. YIKES! How embarrassing! As soon as the slideshow finished, I promptly asked the guests over to the couch area!! I have been searching for a good freshener since ;)

Shawna said...

I just saw these across the line @ Big Lots for $5.00. Is that a deal? I was totally interested in them, so thanks for the write up, maybe if they are a great deal, the next time in across the line, I'll pick one up.