Tuesday, February 10, 2009

* Seven Months *

This little person, lights up my world. Trev and I were talking the other day about how before having children, we couldn't imagine life with them; and now after becoming parents, life without Denay would be boring and not as colorful.

:: She turns seven months old today and I don't know where the time has gone ::
:: We took these pictures for you Grammie! My pear and apple dress fits me perfect and I look SO cute in it! Thank you! ::

She is crawling up a storm and talking up a tornado. This girl just motors all over the house gabbing to anything that's in eye sight. She's yet to crack any teeth but has started trying (and succeeding a few times) to pull herself up to standing.

I had her weighed yesterday and she's gained two ounces over two weeks. It's not much but she's gaining and that's what matters!
She loves all her baby girlfriends, going to the pool and morning cuddles in bed with mommy and her bottle.
Looking at these pictures gives me a real perspective on what a big girl she is getting to be and I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be the one to watch her grow up close.
:: What a precious gift she is ::


Joanne said...

Happy 7, dear wee Denay! Oh, you are just such a cutie-pie. I can't believe she's standing on her own...what a big girlie...Grammie loves her li'l gingersnap!!

Laura said...

So cute! I love little dresses on girls... oh, I need a niece!! :) Happy 7 Months Denay!

susan said...

She's crawling!! Wow! Isabelle seems to be in no rush but Seth was walking around furniture at her age! Izzie has a tooth though, barely but it's making it's way through, relativly painlessly.