Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ Brett + Maryann = LOVE ~

On Saturday we also have the priveledge of being invited to a long time family friends wedding. We've know Brett and his family for about 12 years now and even though we no longer live on the same street where we met we are still in close contact. His family came to our wedding and Denay's dedication.
Theirs was a standing outdoor ceremony on Maryann's parent's water buffalo farm and though the weather was a little chilly, it didn't rain!
:: Some pre-ceremony details....and no, don't adjust your screen, Brett had a groomswoman in his wedding party ::
:: Waiting for and then seeing his bride for the first time. Their professional photographer actually approached me and asked if I would cover Brett's reaction as she was following the bride ::
:: Some fun ceremony shots.....I love the cropped shot of Maryann and holding her bouquet ::
:: We grabbed some family pictures before Trev and I had to run to our next wedding ::
:: All the girls, minus Denay ::
:: The family minus a few members ::
:: The cake ::
:: Remember I mentioned water buffalo earlier? This born-and-raised farm girl made sure to pay these beauties a visit ::
:: Details, details, details ::
:: First dance ::

To say the least we had a total blast and didn't leave until 11:00......I also want to give a big huge thank you to S&M (I know you will read this *M) for watching our baby girl all afternoon and until we got home very late.

B&M - thanks for the awesome party, great wine, laughs and memories and we are eagerly awaiting (and expecting) an invite to a BBQ sometime soon :)

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