Tuesday, April 7, 2009

:: Christy's Critique ::

I do realize it's been weeks since I did one of these posts but I've found a really good product to review.
The Product - Lycra Wear Nail Polish by Rimmel
The Review - I've got numerous different brands of nail polish in my case and I like the Lycra Wear most by far. Not just for the quality of the actual polish, but for the ease of application, coverage and the polish brush. It covers so well, in just two coats, it doesn't dry while you are applying it, the brush has more of a flat cut to it than a round one and it lasts reasonably long. Some of the lighter colors (the pink in the photos) needs more like three coats to keep in from looking streaky.
The Recommendation - I would say buy it. I wish I'd had time to do some price checking to see how it compares to other brands but if you're like me, just work up your polish collection one at a time.

Christy's Critique - Four and a half stars out of five.

P.S - Can you tell I'm having fun with my new camera :)

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Laura said...

Good to know Christy! I am stuck on OPI, I find it's the only brand that stays on my nails! But it's more expensive (the cheapest I've found is $8.95). Maybe I'll try the Rimmel next time!