Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:: Easter Weekend ::

:: I certainly hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend remembering the sacrifice and celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord! ::
Our weekend was full, to say the least, of friends and food and family.....
We started out with a trip on the ferry for Easter with Trev's family on Friday morning, followed by a trip over the bridge to pick up a new toy (more on that later) then yummy ham dinner.
:: Some shots of my girlie on the ferry ride over :::: It's all in the details, right? ::
:: A few more fun shots ::
:: Just a short 24 hours after landing we were back on the ferry heading home for dinner with my family.......we ended up leaving early because Denay was so tired and all three of us were awfully sick. But a cup of Neocitran and good night's sleep later, we were feeling relatively better and ready for Easter Sunday!
We had breakfast at my parents and a photo shoot of course!
:: Princess Denay in her Easter dress ::
:: Family portraits! ::
:: Since she was so sick, we kept Denay through the service instead of Sunday school..... ::
:: My girlfriend and I got matching dresses for our girls..... ::

We are still recovering but it was so nice to spend time with family and we even got a short visit from Uncle Ryan......and let's face it, the food was enjoyable as well :)

I digress.....laundry needs folding the house needs cleaning and I've got some last minute ends to wrap up for Trev's birthday dinner tonight.....all in a days work for a, what it's called nowadays, domestic engineer.

:: Happy Tuesday Friends ::


Crystal said...

Love her little easter dress!

Laura said...

That dress is adorable, along with the tights, shoes and headband!! You're right, it's all about the details :)

Joanne said...

Hon, she looks just adorable...and I love the outfit! Am enjoying your new camera, too....the B&W close-up...amazing!!

Shawna said...

Seriously that outfit --- ahhhh making me die over here!