Friday, April 24, 2009

>> Discovering Photography <<

I recently had a friend (cough,Brad) insinuate that my blog was less than interesting to visit so I thought I'd put lots of pictures in this post so he won't have to work so hard with too much reading.
I know you all know about my camera purchase and I don't think I've left the house without it so I thought I'd focus for a moment on some my favourite moments captured thus far in my learning process......the first bunch are of my favourite subject and the last batch are some spring inspired shots.
:: is there anything cuter than baby feet? ::
:: I think this one is up the near the top of my favourites ::
:: is there anything Spring-ier than cherry blossoms? ::
:: this one is also up there....I'm thinking of framing it ::

Well, I guess there you have it. The wheels have been turning and I'm thinking of doing a collection of photos from each season to swap out as decor as the seasons change and I think these recent ones will be a great start to a "spring", I need you. Yes, YOU....out of the last batch of pictures could you let me know your top two favourites?

Muchly obliged friends! Until next time......


Shawna said...

I love the one of 'lil miss on the slide with her funny face & the one of the pink blossoms w/ the sunburst shining through.

Fabby shots Christy - Happy snapping!

Crystal said...

I love the black and white one of miss precious:)!!

susan said...

I love the sunburst one too - and all the Denay ones! She's such a cutie!
You are doing awesome with your photography Christy!

Joanne said...

For heart stops at the b&w of our princess, and I love the shot of the single blossom. Keep em comin'!

Theresa said...

As a fellow photog enthusiast, I love them all! The black and white one is adorable but my fave is the one with the sun shining through the blossoms. Those trees are rare out here and I miss them so much at springtime! Thanks for giving me my fix :)