Thursday, October 28, 2010


{Denay at 3-4 weeks old}

{Paisley at almost 4 weeks}
(The picture on the far right is my dad's favourite outfit that I used to wear......"cupcake")
What do you think?


Jessi said...

They definatley have the hair thing going on...but their eyes look a little different to me. So adorable they both are...mine don't even look like they are related!

Crystal said...

Definetely see some simliarities but there are also some differences! I actually think from pictures that Paisley looks more like Trevor, where Denay looked more like your baby pictures;)
So fun to look and compare!!

Jason and Kristin said...

They definately look similar! My boys were the same way - and still are! The recent pictures are great - you all look wonderful as a family of 4!

Michelle said...

I definately see similarities, but they are also very different. Their eyes seem different and Paisley seems to have a thinner face. You really do have beautiful children!