Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Christmas....No, New Years Eve}

Okay, so......the first day that my two younger brothers were in town together and my mom wasn't working so we could have Christmas (phew) was New Years Eve. I brought the yams and made a peppermint chocolate cheesecake and we had turkey with all the fixin's.

It was super cool watching my oldest younger brother hold his youngest niece for the first time and then promptly putting her to sleep.

Then, onto the gifts (and if you're counting, yes this is the third Christmas in as many weekends). Denay was under the impression that all the gifts were for her, therefore she needed to help open every one.

We were sorely missing my oldest brother and his fabby wife but were joined by my youngest brother's new girlfriend, Lindsay, who spent most of her time holding Paisley.

My parent's bought Denay a hand built wooden kitchen that she fell in love with at our church's craft fair back in November, as well as a kitchen set with dishes, utensils and pots and pans. She set to work right away, cooking and washing her hands and putting everything in it's place!
::I took these photo's on the 2nd. We had my parents and brothers over for cinnamon buns since Ryan was leaving that evening to fly back to AB ::
It was SO, SO wonderful having *almost* our whole family together and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that next year we can all be in the same room.
And with that being said, I can't wait until this Christmas!

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