Monday, January 31, 2011

{Thankful Thursday} - Err....Monday

Okay, I'm fired......pretend that I had time to post this four days ago :)
Seriously, Thursday.....again?!?


This week in a word....crazy.

Time to be thankful.....seemingly, zero.

But then I look back at the week and one really great moment sticks out, which reminds me how thankful I am for my family, and specifically, my children.

Denay is now (finally) tall enough to open the door to her bedroom. So Monday morning I hear rustling in my bed and immediately think that it's Trev and he's missed his alarm and is late for work.
But instead, I pull of my sleep mask (yes, I use one of those) and roll groggily over to see not Trevor, but Princess Denay, who had crawled into our bed, snuggled herself underneath the covers and onto Trev's pillow and was all cuddled in bed with mommy, quietly sucking her thumb.
Those are the moments I love, those are the moments I treasure, and those are the moments I am so thankful for.

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Kim Lavender-Kitchen said...

Oh. MY. I can't wait for a moment like that! Sigh, your girls are so lovely. Your life is just going to get more and more wonderful because of them.