Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Okay, last post over packed with pictures upon pictures upon pictures.....I promise......maybe.

Trev's parent's came for a quick visit a couple weeks ago brought along with them some (as always) super-duper cute matching Tommy Hilfiger polo dresses. Since at least one of my kids happens to be growing like a weed, they wore them to church the following Sunday.

In a word......


Last Friday, the girls and I were invited to a princess tea party along with a bamboozle of other cute little ladies. So naturally, we made sure we were dressed for the occasion. And although I had next to zero time, I just had to take a minute and document the adorableness.

In a word.....


I, am one lucky mamma.


And just a story to make you smile.......

Last night, we were just lounging around the house, and I saw Denay with her hand up her shirt. I asked her what she was doing, to which she replied, "I just putting on my boobies". Hysterical laughter followed from the kitchen. Some where along the way, she came to understand that nursing pads were boobies and my little shadow likes to do everything mummy does.

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Joanne said...


Just precious.

So sweet.

I love those girlies!