Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{Update::The Daily}

Honestly, I have NO idea what I would do without Picasa and the ability to post this many pictures all at once.....yikes!

Okay, so this was what my {Untitled} started out as, a little picture-full update of the daily 'round these parts....
How I LOVE this little girl! We borrowed my girlfriends Bumbo last week and she loves it. She was so over lying down weeks ago and this is the perfect way to have her sitting up without mummy having to hold her up...all the time. She's also loving her Sofie Le Giraffe that she got for Christmas from Uncle J* and Auntie L*....
A couple of weeks ago now, my gal-pal Megan arranged a little swimming date. I was a teensie bit leery to take Paisley at just over three months old and a little nervous about having two kids in the pool alone, but then I remembered that I sure wasn't going to be alone (see below photo, top right) and that at the worst, if Paisley hated it, we could just go home. To say I was nervous for nothing is an understatement. Both girls were angels and having so many other momma hands made the outing a success and a really really good time! And, now that Denay is in swimming lessons again, we go at least once a week. I think it goes without saying that I'm going to have TWO little fish children.
Denay had one of her many little friends over to play last week and her Chloe's mom left some chocolate cupcakes behind just in case I felt like feeding two excited girls chocolate cupcakes....which, of course, I did.
This is the aftermath, and it couldn't have been more fun!

And just a couple more pictures of the littlest one, with her hair "done" for the first time.....I {heart} my girls.

I took both girls to the doctor last week and at two-and-a-half years, Denay is practically shattering the scales at a whopping 22lbs while her sister weighs in, at three-and-a-half months at 12lbs 2.5oz, which is what Denay weighed.....at six months.
So she may still be bitty, but she's my big girly!
On a fabulous note, Denay is now officially potty trained! I'd been picking away at it since early December but with all the busyness of Christmas it went by the wayside for a few weeks. But then at the beginning of last week, I went at it again and by Friday we were out and about with no diaper on. It's still taken a few days to get the #2 thing down but she went last night and again this morning and is less scared each time.
I think it might just be Denay, butt I really wasn't expecting it to be so easy....and now that I've said that, I'm sure Paisley will be a whole different story :)
Happy Tuesday Bloggowers (my newly coined word for you, my blog followers)....


Joanne said...

Thanks so much for posting all the pics....can't get enough!

Grammie is doing her happy dance for Denay (and Mommy)....yippee for potty training!

Paisley is changing moment by moment....I LOVE her smile!

Shawna said...

love this!