Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank You, Pioneer Woman

If you're new to the blog world or aren't big on reading blogs written by random people you don't know, live really far away or will never realistically meet in real life (like me) then you may not have ever heard of the Pioneer Woman. She's a momma, cook, teacher, photography, rancher and is married to a real live cowboy.

I came across her blog years ago after noticing it on a couple friend's blog's but never took to reading it regularly. After seeing a link on Facebook for her Chicken Spaghetti I clicked over and instantly fell in love.....with how easy it was, and with how yummy it looked, it was just up my alley!

Trev had a staff meeting so I invited two girl friends of mine over and we made it a girls night. And it's a good thing, because it made enough for at least six people!
:: And this would be a photo of my daughters second plate.....and this is a big deal. Normally we can't get her to eat one plate of something new.
I would definitely put this on a "Would Recommend to a Friend" list.
I modified the recipe a bit and used chicken breast (that I just cooked until white so it wouldn't be dry after being baked), I added canned stewed tomatoes instead of pimentos and I added diced orange pepper, just cause I wanted it to be colorful.
It's just the thing to warm the belly on a cold, rainy winter night!


Crystal said...

Isnt it great?? Addy ate it up too! I as well use chicken breasts as I am lazy:) I bet you guys would love her chicken parmigan too! and her mac and cheese is so easy and delish as well for little kidlets!

Michelle said...

We're trying this for dinner tonight! It looks like it will be a hit. I keep you posted...