Sunday, February 12, 2012

He Initiates....

......we respond.
Isn't it amazing that we serve a God who draws us?
That even when we find ourselves stopping short and turning tail to run back into His arms, it was all His Spirit's drawing in the first place.
All we have to do is choose to hear Him, and then respond with "Yes Father. You're will and not mine own. May I decrease that you may increase."
We sung a beautiful new song this morning. I can't remember the artist or title but it was all about how God restores our soul, and the verses were some lines from Psalms 23.
As we sang the first chorus the second time, "The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want", the Spirit quietly and ever so gently spoke to my heart
He challenged me to remember that I don't need to want. That the world will always tell me that I need a newer car, a bigger house, more stuff, nicer stuff, clothes, jewellery and the latest electronic gadgets. But true contentment comes from Him. True happiness, isn't happiness at all but joy from Him, that gives us strength. It's immense gratitude for what I have and allowing the wants to give-way to unrelenting thankfulness. That I am rich because I am in Him.
Then He reassured me that because I have him, I will never have to need. That He is my Jehovah Jireh, the Lord is my provider. That I don't need to worry about money and bills. That I just need to rest in Him and allow Him to lead me beside quiet waters and make me lie in green pastures.....and restore my soul. He chases away the lingering doubts and worries and stands Sovereign over all, above all, in all and through all.
I took some time to dust of our budget this week, and was convicted of my laissez-faire attitude towards our finances....AGAIN. It's a bad habit I've had for years and have be struggling with it for just as long. I tend to be irresponsible, impulsive and tend to be very good at justifying unnecessary purchases.
So with my husband's help, we've recommitted to tracking our spending, meal planning, shopping together and cutting out all "fun" spending after slipping back into our bad habits and poor spending choices.
And then I have my Father. My good Abba Father, who receives me again. Me, begging for forgiveness, again. Asking for help, again. Repenting of my irresponsiblity, again. Who welcomes me with open arms, and whispers in my ear, "My daughter, I love you. Forget all of that. Let it go. I have forgiven you. I will always forgive you and always love you. I will always provide for you and always take care of you, my child."
Valentine's Day is coming up this week. I'm going to spend my evening at the specialist with Denay, maybe watch a movie at home with the Mr. when the girls sleep. Nothing over-the-top, nothing sparkly, nothing extraordinary, no money spent. No balloon bouquets, no flowers or chocolate. But with ALL that I have already; a crazy-amazing husband with stable work, two perfect and healthy daughters, a beautiful home, a reliable vehicle, a kitchen full of food and a tap with clean running water, the Creator of all creation as my Father and Saviour, what more do I need to celebrate and be thankful for all the love in my life.
I would strongly encourage you to take 30 minutes of your time, and listen to this sermon from this morning, the continuation of last Sunday's sermon (that I talked about in my post this past week) on the book of Hosea.
If you need to be reminded of your romance with your Father, or reminded of just how much you are loved, this is for you. Listen to the sheer weight of just how much Christ loves us flood through my Pastor and choke him to tears more than once. Listen to the very heart of God.
It's the greatest love story ever told.
{Be blessed this week friends}


Shawna said...

Love your heart --- gonna listen to the sermon as part of my devotions tomorrow am - thanks for sharing! Xo*S

reintjes1991 said...

I totally agree Christy. That was an amazing sermon. I love the photo of the laundry! I could stack on my kids on top of each other and then they'd be about the size of my pile!! Stay at home Moms ROCK!

Laura said...

loved this post... so relatable to where I'm at... thanks.