Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday ::: Valentine's Day ::: Gettin' Real

My day, yesterday.
The plan: getting up at 7:00am (preschool day), dropping off Denay, dropping off Paisley at a friends and heading to my hair appointment.
What happened: awoken to the phone ringing, rolled over and looked at the ID and didn't recognize it. Answered it with as an awake voice as I could muster and the person on the other line proceed to inform me that my hairstylist was home with her sick kids and couldn't make it in. Finishing the phone call, I rolled the other way, and, though squinting, panicked when I read the digits on my alarm clock, 7:55am.
I managed to get out of the house a little less than a half hour later and actually got Denay to school on time. The exception to that exceptional time, was that I didn't have anytime to do anything but throw on what I wore the night before and toss my hair in a pony.
So for sake of honesty and reality, I thought I'd share just what that looked like.
Paisley wanted in too.....
Worth a thousand words, no?
After PJ went down to nap, I decided to turn my day around. Since I didn't put any product in my hair on Monday after my shower (because I was supposed to be getting it cut), I spent a bit flat ironing it, then did my face, got dressed (with an emphasis on pink) and said a quick thank-you prayer for my day and the sunshine.
headband: Batavia by Sil
earrings: Foxy Originals
necklace: Punta Cana, DR
top: Walmart
belt: H&M
jeans: warehouse one
The rest of the day consisted of cleaning and laundry, picking Denay up, lunch, naps all around, making dinner at 3:30 for a girlfriend who just had a baby and then gone at 4:00 to get Denay to the allergist. Then since my mom was working, we popped by to surprise her and didn't get home until after 8:00.
Movie and bed.
The End.
Happy Wednesday!

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