Saturday, September 22, 2007

29 Days And Counting....

So I know what seems to be forever ago, I blogged a post similar to this about the Brad Paisley concert that my best girl Kerry and I had 8th row seats to. Well shortly after that we found out the concert was postponed until October, which seemed like forever at the time. But it seems that the day that has been so long awaited in now only 29 days from today! And what puts the cherry on top is that the opening line up has changed and Taylor Swift (star singer of "Tim Mcgraw" and "Teardrops on my guitar") and Rodney Atkins (huge country star that made "If you're going through hell" famous!) are going to be there as well. The concert is on October 21rst and thanks to my in-laws, we have a great suite to stay in (thanks bob and jo!). Worry not......there will be pictures, lots of pictures! BP here we come!

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