Sunday, September 30, 2007

:: Happy 35th Dad and Mom ::

Today, Trevor's parents celebrate their 35th Wedding Anniversary.
* This is a shot of them at our wedding *
We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you today. We are grateful beyond words for your love and to have such a time-tested example of what it is to be a couple that serves the Lord. We pray for you for many more years of happy marriage and can only hope to become to our children the kind of parents you are to us!
We love you and congratulations!!


Mum and Dad said...

Thanks so much!....we can't believe that it has been 35 years....who knew that people so young could be married for so long?! Loved our gift! Love you lots!

Mum and Dad said...

PS: We wish you could have been here, too....but look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving!

Mark said...

Hey Christy! Yup, I have had a blog for a long time, hence the lack of updating it! But now that I know I have at least one reader again, maybe I will! I am doing alright in Calgary, nothing new to report. How are you?