Monday, September 17, 2007

Brand New Toy

Apparently Trevor and I set a new trend when we bought our motorcycles on our anniversary because around the same time my parents celebrated their anniversary they bought themselves a brand new boat! It is a 23 foot Wellcraft and it is beautiful. We did/do have another boat but it is almost 18 years old and is showing it's age. My dad also wanted to upgrade to something closer to a boat he could take all the boys out fishing on.
Here she is.........all us kids have dubbed her the "Flying Dutchman"
I've got a sweet perch watching Ryan and Kevin out on the tubes......... This boat has significantly more power than our old one so the tube rides are significantly more, ummm, intense.
Here is the best of the weather we was cloudy and cold and rained quite a bit, but we had a blast!
Kevin's out on the wake skate........picture a giant skateboard without the trucks and wheels. Just rippled rubber on top and no bindings.
Kev again.......
I did brave myself to hop out on the wakeboard because the water was so calm but it wasn't long before my fingers started to freeze even with the gloves on, but I got a couple good jumps in.
Kevin got a chance to drive the boat for a bit while my dad set up the trailer.
Myself and Ryan went for a little tube ride together......
The happy couple........both looking a little chilly and make-up free :)
My momma........
We ended up at my best friend Kerry's lake lot out in Youbou and we picked her up and she went for a jaunt on the wake skate and loved it!
And our $20 Canadian Tire barbecue paid for itself again and we had chicken burgers on the boat in the rain! Great times with the family.
My dad being the goof we all know he is!
And successfully out of the water.......
We had such a great day despite the weather and look forward to many many more fun days on the lake with the family! Mahalo mom and dad......


Shawna said...

She's a beauty! I bet your parents along with all of you will get plenty of use out of it!!

Congrat's on the newest memeber of the family!

papillon mom said...

"Flying Dutchman" eh what about the woman in this equation!!!!!!!
Just for the record this is not a new boat just a new boat for us. It is a 2001 with a little over 100 hours on the engine. We are looking forward to making a fisherman out of you Trevor!!!!!!!!
We are blessed to be able to make more beautiful memories with our family and our extended boating family.....right Kerry!!!!!