Monday, September 17, 2007

: : Surprise Shower : :

Yesterday, Kerry and I hosted a surprise wedding shower for our friends fiancee Felicia at mine and Trevor's house. It was very last minute but came together beautifully with many friends coming together to bless Felicia. This is the cake that the MOG made and our wonderfully talented Michele decorated with real flowers. Chantal, Stephanie, Amanda and Amber all looking lovely!The gift/food table........
Colleen, Sundry, Camma, Cheryl and my mom enjoying each other's company.
This is a collage that I put together for the couple with bible verses from family incorporated with pictures and neat decor. I left the middle slot open for a wedding picture. Unfortunately they changed the wedding date so I'm going to need to do some minor adjustments!
The Postma's.......Lisa and mom Betty.
Pretty gerbs.
Amanda and the BTB (bride-to-be) just after the big surprise. The poor girl was so startled that she turned tail and walked back out the door! It was so cute.
The to be groom, Felicia and her sister.
Michele and Chantal.
The MOG Faith, and my mom.
Do not adjust your screen, you are not seeing double. Felicia on the left is sitting with her twin sister Rosa.
Poor little Elmo only ventured downstairs once, too much estrogen for the poor guy.
Kerry, Steph, Chantal, Amber and Amanda havin' a great time!
Felicia reading one of her cards. Because shortly after the wedding she is moving to Calgary where Nathan is, we threw her a gift certificate shower so she won't have to pack that much more stuff out there.
For her present, Faith wrapped $50 worth of toonies individually so Felicia tossed them all around the room and we all got to open one.
Faith and my mom opening theirs.......
The loot.......
Felicia practising her cake cutting skills........
As exhausted and sore and Kerry and I both were, the shower was a total blast. After asking a round of questions to get to know her better, we all gathered around and had a time of prayer for Felicia and for Nathan and their upcoming wedding and new life together. Nathan and Felicia, may you be blessed beyond your imagination and may you always have the strength to follow God's lead where ever he may take you! Congratulations!!

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Shawna said...

WoW - Looks like you both put on an amazing shower for her! Good job...once you have put on a shower for someone else you actually know how much work it takes. Getting the people to RSVP, organizing food, gifts's alot of work but well worth it!

Great job on the frame with the verses and pictures - such a special touch!