Thursday, September 27, 2007

:: Road Trip ::

On Sunday morning Kerry and I headed out for a much put-off and well over due road trip out to Summerland where our good friend Elisha lives. The day got off to a pretty bad start when we got the ferry terminal at Departure Bay and the cars were line up outside of the ticket booths. So we waited for three hours until the next boat and were the third to last car to get on that one. Then we got to the other side and I was reminded of why I don't live in a big city. Traffic everywhere on a Sunday afternoon! Here is a shot through a tunnel somewhere...... * Self Portrait *
Since we missed our boat we were driving a lot later than we thought we would but we were on the Coquihalla during sundown and it was quite the sight.
The morning we left we found out that we weren't able to stay where we had originally planned to Elisha set up some accommodations for us with her friends Ashley and Amanda. They were so wonderful and hospitable, Amanda let us stay in her room while she slept elsewhere. They had also just gotten a new kitten named Waffles that I completely fell in love with. He looked exactly like our Elmo when we first got him, and was twice as rambunctious.
The little guy making like a book.......
Since we drove in in the dark on Sunday, the trip Monday morning from Summerland to Penticton was absolutely beautiful. I had never been into the interior and was pleasantly surprised.
Since Elisha had to work Monday morning Kerry and I were left to entertain ourselves until early afternoon so we booked appointments to get pedicures! We had a little time to kill before so we took some cheesy tourist pictures!
Here's Kerry in front of the Sicamous.
And yours truly!
They also had a beautiful rose garden in the same area.........
Kerry stopping and smelling the roses.
Don't know what kind of flower this is but I LOVED It....
Kerry loved this big weeping willow right on the beach.
This is our before shot of our toes.......and we never ended up getting an after shot but they looked really great!
After our pedicures we surprised Elisha at her work for lunch. She works at Salty's right on the beach........
After lunch we went for a wander around the area and found this little park with these funny sloped grassy hills so I decided to take a break on one of them.
Me and my girl
We tried to go mini golfing but it was closed so we drove out to Tickleberries for ice cream then we swung by Walmart and picked up a boardgame and then ordered pizza.
Elisha was talking to me on the phone while she was hanging out the window of her boyfriends truck.
Elisha and her beau cute!
And on our way out........
It was a pretty quick turn around but the weather was chilly but sunny and beautiful. We got there and back safe and didn't hit any traffic on Tuesday afternoon coming home. We had just a great time spending time with Elisha and meeting Justin and having some good girl time. Thanks for the memories Kerry and Elisha....until next time!

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