Monday, September 17, 2007

:: PNE 2007 ::

Almost three weeks ago now (shame, shame) Trevor and I made a trip across the water to go to the PNE. Trev had won free tickets on our local radio station while at work one day so away we went. It was really convenient for us to have Monday's off so that we didn't' have to go on a weekend. It was an early morning though, on the road by 5:00am.........this was was sight we came across at the dairy farm on the highway on the way there. I was quite surprised at the line up on the other side for a Monday morning..........
After perusing the exhibitors tent for awhile we took in the Peking Acrobats are a few highlights.
It's a good thing those plates aren't glass because at the very end one girl dropped one.
This lady had six chairs stacked on top on one another with the first chair balanced on four wine bottles........I was honestly worried that she was going to kill herself.
Some of this stuff you have to see to believe........I think our free tickets were paid for during this show alone!
Believe it or not these two sculptures are made out of cans............ ant carrying a piece of watermelon.
This guy was set up in the home improvement auditorium creating this skyline out of just playing cards, no glue or tape.
Some of my favourite from the sandcastle competition.
This one was my ultimate favourite.
Can't see too well but all four motor bikers are in the air. We took in this show when we went to the PNE last year and it was even better!
Another crazy stunt.......
These two riders at aged 13 and 15 and are riding parallel to the ground holding each other's left hand.
My Trevy and I
Brings me back to my days on the farm......I love those little Holsteins.
This piece is made totally out of plants and flowers, quite the work of art.
We also took in the high dive show........most of the pictures were a little blurry but the fellow climbing the ladder is making his way to that tiny little platform just below the flag. The platform was 80 feet in the air and he dove off into just 12 feet of water. It was very impressive.
We even got our picture taken in the Simpsons living room............
Not too sure what this was but there was a bicycle off the right that when pedaled at a sufficient speed water came out of everywhere. It was interesting to say the least.
The Superdogs was fantastic! I didn't know I would enjoy it as much as I did.
Chris Coburn from JRFM introducing the main reason we went on the day we did.........
Emerson Drive! They were amazing. I'd never seen them in concert before but even Trevor really enjoyed it. They sounded just like they did on the radio and were obviously as excited to be performing as we were to be to be watching them!
They really put on a show!
One might think that with all the money BC Ferries makes they could afford to not be BC Ferris.
What do you want for 10:30 at night?
I was still high from the concert!
I can't even begin to say what a great day Trev and I had together. Even though we were exhausted after an 18 hour day we wouldn't have traded the memories for anything! We will definitely be back next year!

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Shawna said...

Looks like a totally fun day - maybe next year we can organize a family fun day out at the PNE, I haven't been in years and next year Jacob will really understand what it's all about!

Fun times!