Saturday, September 22, 2007

* A Girl's Night Out *

As a follow-up to her bridal shower, Kerry and I also planned a little girl's only dinner to shower the bride with some more, ahem, risque gifts. We headed down the the very nice Moxie's in downtown Victoria.
Amber and the Princess for the evening, both looking beautiful.
:: Our chauffeur ::
Believe it or not Kerry is actually driving while I am taking this picture!
Kerry, Felicia and we also met Stephy up at the restuarant.
Amber and myself
Felicia opening her "sexy time" gifts as Amber called them.
:: Pretty In Pink :: can be pretty in black too :)
The Gang
It was so very nice to have a night out of drinks, great good and even better company with some wonderful girls and what an exciting time to celebrate. Can't wait for the wedding pictures!

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