Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christy's Favourite Things Of 2008

It goes without saying that I am no Oprah, but I've been ispired by her to make my own list of things that I love from 2008. No more needs to be said so here goes....

#1 - Purses. There are a few people who know that there were years of my life that I would never be caught dead carrying a purse. Things have slowly changed and they're now becoming more attractive to me. I've got a couple now including this beauty that I got for Christmas.

#2 - Baby Einstein. Not much more needs to be said. I try not to resort to the movie all the time but when I need to take a shower there's nothing that works better! I also enjoy Baby Faith and Praise Baby. #3 - Stand Mixer. I got this for my birthday and after two years of not having one, I can't imagine life without it!
#4 - Joe Style from Superstore. They have the cutest baby girl clothes and I rarely shop anywhere else for her. Their adult clothes aren't bad either!
#5 - Febreeze Noticeables. Wonderful. I have had countless people come to my house and ask if I've just cleaned. And while I more than likely had, it's nice to know it smells fresh and clean. I keep it plugged in in the bathroom as that is where we keep the cat box.
#6 - All-Bran Guardian cereal. We only buy the cinnamon flavour and it is yummy as well as chalked full of fibre and lots of good stuff!
#7 - Wall-E. Cutest. movie. ever. If you haven't seen it, please do. It is so sweet and hilarious and has a great message to boot!
#8 - Dove's Cream Oil Line. I just started using this a little less than a month ago but it is awesome. I couple the bodywash with the body lotion and I truly notice a difference in my skin. It is a little pricey but I am so not a big spender on cosmetics or beauty products so this is my one little splurge.
#9 - Crock Pot. I've just really started using my crockpot in the last year and it is wonderful. My favourite thing is roasting chickens, pre-stuffed with gravy from the drippings. Mmmm.
#10 - First Years Infant Sleeper. We used this when Denay was first born and we loved being able to have her in bed with us without the worry of rolling on her.

I think that's about it! I'd encourage you all to make a list of your favourite things from's always nice to know someone else's opinion on something before you make use of it yourself!


Jason and Kristin said...

Great idea! I feel like I learn so much about you everytime I read your blog - its awesome!
I use the Dove Cream line too sometimes and my crockpot and KitchenAid are two of my best friends in the kitchen!!!!

Crystal said...

great list! I was just thinking of posting something like that, so maybe I will take your challenge and do it:) I have to think about it over the weekend!

susan said...

What a great idea...
We've not seen Wall-E, I wonder if Seth would like it, he scares easily. (guess we could watch it first)
I also love my mixer!

Laura said...

Fun idea Christy! I cannot believe you never used to carry a purse... I have a purse fetish! :) You have great picks from 2008, now I'm thinking of what mine would be...

Anonymous said...

HI THERE i AM FROM OLIVER,B.c. just happened across your blog. I would love the recipe for your crock pot chicken. Loved reading your blog. Thanks Eileen.