Monday, December 14, 2009

~ Trimming The Tree ~

What do you do with a Christmas tree when you get it home? You decorate it of course!

It was so much fun with Denay being older this year and really being able to participate in all the activites. She was so proud of herself after each pine cone she put on the tree all by herself.
I saw on a fellow blogger friends FB status today that her young daughter saw the snow and yelled "bubbles". Denay did the exact same thing when she saw our snowfall today. Now she just says "no" for snow. She is quite taken with all the lights and calls them "riby" (pretty).

Her totally awesome Christmas present is in the closet upstairs and I can't wait for her to see it!

Hope all ya'lls Christmas preparation is going well!

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Crystal said...

I can't wait till Addyson is older next year and can help to, how special this must be with your little princess!