Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bear Lake - Labour Day Weekend

As mentioned before, we spent our Labour Day long weekend about 20 minutes west of here at a small and quiet campground right on a quaint lake. I really wanted to get away but wasn't going to take a chance being too far away in case something were to happen with baby.
We had a small hiccup trying to get the trailer out of our complex (involving the trailer, the fence and a frustrated phone call to my dad) and got to the campground a little later than planned but got all set up and lit a campfire (yay for lifted campfire bans)!
Saturday was sunny enough to head to the lake and we all enjoyed a refreshing parents came to visit in the afternoon and we had a great burger dinner before it started to pour rain. Then came the thunder.....and if you know me at all, you know I LOVE thunder and lightening.
Sunday it was cinnamon buns for breakfast and lazing around the campground before meeting my dad at the boat launch for a troll on the lake. And no, your eyes do not deceive you, these would be pictures of me, tubing while almost 37 weeks pregnant. I even took Denay out with me for a quick ride and although she was a little quiet, she seemed to have a great time.
(And sorry about the, um, fullness up's hard to get into a life jacket when you're this pregnant.)
We were home before noon on Monday and were all settled back in in no time.....I'm already scheming our May Long weekend camping trip with two kids!


Shawna said...

Looks like a great last trip of the season, even with the rain! Nothing like getting cozy in the RV when it's raining outside and you have nothing better to do!

Crystal said...

haha, don't ever apoligize for things God has blessed you with:)grin*

Stephanie said...

Christy! I love looking at your blog look so fabulous pregnant with baby, and Denay is so adorable. Hope to see you when I'm out in a few weeks. :-)