Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day At The Fair

Saturday morning, Denay and I set off nice and early to the local Exhibition that comes to town each year. We met up with my mom and one of Denay's very good friends and looked at all the animals and displays and definitely the tractor pull.....

We came back after Trev got off work because Denay was insistent on going on the rides at the carnival. We watched some more tractor pulls, a sheep dog demonstration and then made our way down (in the persistant rain) to the rides. Trev was worried that we would spend an outrageous amount on tickets and that Denay would chicken out and not like any of the rides.....Ha! Were were ever wrong. This girl didn't care a bit about how wet it was and because of the rain, there were very few kids and so Denay got a few really long rides!

Needless to say, she ended up using all of the tickets and we were "those" parents, hollering and waving every time she came around.
Life is so much fun when enjoyed through the experiences of a child!


Crystal said...

I love that last statement and couldn't agree more!!

loni said...

Goodness! In one of those shots it looks like Chloe is as big as Denay!

Being one of 'those' parents is TOTALLY COOL! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise ;)