Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Gift From Baby For My Princess

After talking about it for the past few months, Trev and I decided that we would get Denay a little gift "from" the baby as an extra measure to make it a smooth and exciting transition for her.
I picked up a copy of Veggie Tales' new movie, Sweetpea Beauty, and a super cute necklace and bracelet set from the dollar store.....

.....and wrapped them up in pink.......

......for Denay to rip into at the right time. When that will be, we aren't sure but we don't buy stuff like that much around here so I'm looking forward to treating my little lady to a special present for how good I know she's going to be through all this!
Yesterday I spent some time moving all my birthing supplies into my closet and took a second to fill up the wipes container in the nursery that's been sitting empty. Going to see the midwives in the morning and I'm hoping to get an idea of where things are at (or not). Feeling good, sleeping well overall and enjoying lots of movement, much more than I did with Denay this far along.
I keep getting these crazy reality checks from my pregnancy ticker that says I'm only seven days away from my due date.....then at bible study tonight, I got to meet sweet Zachary, born last Tuesday and he was so small and perfect and beautiful and boy, if I could have chosen to go into labour at that second I would have!
I can't wait to hold you, sweet one, and I love you so much already

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The Samy's said...

You are so sweet and thoughtful! I am sure she is just going to love it!