Friday, September 10, 2010

Old Kitchen :: New Look

I did it.
Part of me wanted to. The other part of me was way too lazy.
Repainting my kitchen at 37 weeks pregnant.
I was recommended by my friend Michelle (who's husband was a painter) to try Sico paint. They also have a "No VOC" line and cost $20 less than the Benjamin Moore paint. On Wednesday night my plan was to take Denay with me to bible study, when I got the call that it was cancelled. I decided right then, and packed Denay up in the car and we were off to Rona.
It only took me two hours (with a few breaks for Denay in between) and by 10:30pm, with Trev's help, the tape was off, switch plate covers on and counter tops full.
This is the before. Click the collages to enlarge and get a good idea.......

And the after........

Not gonna lie....I actually got up in the middle of the night just to see what it looked like again. My husband mentioned how stark it looked (because we were so used to lots going on) so I spent Denay's whole naptime yesterday rearranging and doing my best to lessen the starkness without adding the same amount of busyness back into the room.

All that being said......I l.o.v.e it.

We were sitting at dinner on Thursday night and I told Trevor how much calmer I felt with the new color. It's a big change and I've had moments where I feel like I might have just whitewashed the room but it feels cleaner and crisper and much more tidy but still has some color and personality.

What do ya'll think??


Lisa B. said...

LOOKS FABULOUS!!! Great job mama! Love the new minimal look...fresh, clean and airy!

That baby has to be just around the corner if you've got nesting instincts and energy to paint your kitchen at 37 weeks.

Shawna said...

I love it! Good Job!

Crystal said...

I looks great! you can always accessories with little things of color, like some fresh flowers;)
But it looks bigger and brighter, i love white kitchens!

Anita Grace said...

Wow, I haven't stopped by your blog for quite a while! I've really slowed down with my blogging and with reading other ppl's blogs too these days.

I can't believe you're already 37 weeks preggo! I think the kitchen looks so much better in white. Gives it a more clean feeling which is always good in a kitchen. :)

I too have been sprucing up our home, but have yet to bust open any cans of paint. There is SO much painting to do here that I'm concerned if I start doing it I will not be able to stop until I paint everything!

Reading this post reminded me of when I was painting Liam's bedroom while being pregnant with him, too. I remember not allowing anybody in the room until I had completed 2 full coats (although it took me a couple afternoons to get it done)

I pray you have a safe labor/delivery as you welcome baby #2 into the fam. :)

Joanne said...

Great job! And this definitely qualifies as the pre-birth nesting.....another check off your list of things to do before baby is born.