Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Help Wanted!

:: Attention ::

I need you.
Yes, you.

Along with having someone there to capture my birth on film, another thing I really wanted to do last time was have music during my delivery.

So I've been working at trying to gather a collection of of soft/quiet/easy-to-listen to music/worship music that will add to the peaceful atmosphere I'm going for.

Soooo....that's where ya'll come in.

It's as simple as leaving a comment and letting me know about your favourite artist or song that I can add to my list. I'm open to anything! And I'm also a huge fan of classical music.

Let the suggestioning begin!


Shawna said...

I had this play not during but just after I had both boys, it's a special song to us.

I had music playing through out each of my labours...I had a few of my favorite sound tracks that I loved and had downloaded onto a disk in a mixture, so I didn't get bored of one genre - pearl harbor is a great soundtrack, so is the holiday & sabrina...check out those tacky cd dispensers in the grocery store too, then get the names of some of the artists and go home and get Trev to download them for you!

xo, *S

Joanne said...

Way back in the stoneage, we didn't have I sang my way thru labor. Trevor's song was "From the rising of the the going down of the same...the Lord's name is to be praised". I remember watching the sunrise after he was born. God is good. All the time.