Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{Tick Tock}

Even though it's only been about four days, it feels like it's been four weeks since I've blogged!
The Mr. and the Little Lady and myself spent the weekend at a very quiet and secluded little campground (in our home on wheels of course) about 20 minutes west of here. I'd wanted to get in one last hoorah as a family of three before this wee gaffer joins our lives.
I'll have a post all about that coming up as well as my 36 week belly picture (which will be out of date by Thursday) later.....sometime.
For now, I've got about four projects that need attending to, one of them may or may not involve a certain room in the house where I prepare food and a bucket of paint.......
I'll also do a holler out for prayer for our little household as we get ready for baby.....I know God's got this whole thing wrapped up but the closer I get to it being time the more the enemy is trying to knock me down with fear and doubts and feelings of being incapable and totally overwhelmed.
Anyways.....my time is up.....gotta run......"see" you soon.......

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Crystal said...

you and one of my girlies out here are due about exactly the same time, so you both are in my prayers, both have one and about to add the second, and are busy getting your houses ready. So you are not alone, and you are going to do great!! Praying for you and that baby and can't wait to hear some news soon!!! ok, but not that soon:)